Sunday, May 29, 2011

T.I.M.E. - What Can I Sell to GET MORE OF IT??!!

It's Sunday night. It's 10:30pm and I've been thinking a LOT about time today. We never have enough of it, do we? I want to go to bed right now, actually, but I really just want to sit here and write. I need to fold laundry. But I want to write. I need to write out a few thank-you notes...but I want to work on my blog. Oh...I'm also watching/listening to, "MOVE THAT BUS!!" on Extreme Makeover Home Edition so I'm sure I'm about to start bawling any second too...but I can always make time for that. :) (Oh yeah! Totally crying now...hahaha!)

Do any of you have crazy little ones? No, I mean C.R.A.Z.Y little ones??? Like the ones where you look at them and wonder if you should go back to the hospital and ask for your money back? Like...Uh, where's the return policy? I've asked Chris over and over again if he's SURE Ava came out of me....Hehehe... I look for strange markings on her to see if maybe aliens took my real baby and dropped this one off. A marking on her that might read, "SUCKAH!" HA!

Tonight, for example, we were at my in-laws for our weekly Sunday dinner. At the end of the evening, we were having the girls say goodbyes to the grandparents, great grandma and some of Ava's great uncles that were there. As Ava was about to say goodbye to one of her dear great Uncle's...Uncle Tom....I could see wicked little wheels turning in her head as the wicked little smile began to appear on her face. "Say goodbye to Uncle Tom, Ava," I said. "Bye Bye, Uncle BUGGAH!!" she yelled at him as she laughed hysterically!! Uncle Tom tried not to burst out laughing himself....but it's difficult in between her burping and the thousand times a day she makes herself toot and laughing about pooping and potty-ing. Honestly, I think she may get kicked out of pre-school next year. I fall into bed at night just from sheer exhaustion of disciplining her! People in the grocery stores will say..."Oooohhhh!! Cherish the time you have with her...It goes so by SO FAST!!" I say..."Yeah, I need her to be 18 so she can move out of our house." Haha! Maybe the aliens will come back for her by then.

Honestly, though....I LOVE this girl. I just was NOT prepared for my little boy in pink. Sigh. Beside her full-on potty talk? The cute saying she says now is, "I LOVE my family! It's the GWEATEST!" So, I don't want to sell her EVERY day.

We all want time to speed up or slow down. Time for this or for that. Time to stand still. As much as I joke about it, my little ones are growing up so fast and I admit, it's a relief and a heart-break all at the same time. Lexi turns 6 this Tuesday and Ava just turned 3. I'm always looking for a shortcut to maximize every second of the day. Take, for example, our deck table. We had two, back to back, that were made of tempered glass and both shattered. We finally got smart about it and decided NOT to buy any more glass tables and pick up one made of rod-iron. I found one at Home Depot today for $199.00. Done deal. Pick it up tomorrow. Well, Chris decided he wanted to "make" a new table-top. WHAT? Why???...just get in the car and go PICK ONE UP!!!!!!!! Honey. :) But no, he said..."You, of all people, should want to do this with me. Let's make a new table-top out of tile!!" SIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!! He's right. I hate it when he's right. I hate him for being able to use both parts of his brain. He can build a house with his bare hands, probably do all the decorating for it too, and then use a mathematical algorithm to cure cancer. a good way. :)

He drew a diagram, went to Home Depot, got everything to get started and voila...we're starting our family project to re-use our old frame from last summer's deck dining table to turn it into this year's tiled family table. I'm actually excited now. I'm excited to slow down a bit to see how we'll do this together. How Lexi, Chris and I will work together and Ava will set fire to it and blow up our entire deck. Better just have her move in with Grandma and Grandpa for awhile. :) To be continued......

Here's Chris getting started on the table today after returning from Home Depot. (prep work)

The piece of wood wouldn't just slide in (above) so he ended up having to take the legs off.

Making the holes all around the bottom for the new brackets.

New frame is on. Need to go to The Tile Shop tomorrow to start picking out our goods. :)

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